Famous People With "The Gift"

Here's a list of 120+ famous people with "The Gift of Dyslexia"
These are some of the lucky ones who were able to "take their lemons and make lemonade".
Unfortunately, most dyslexics are unable to find a way to do that...
For example:
*80% of juvenile offenders in our judicial system are (most likely) dyslexic.
*48% of the adult prison population in the US is dyslexic... http://www.educationupdate.com/archi...-dyslexia.html
*Two million (2,000,000) of our public school students suffer with dyslexia - and from the teacher's standpoint - these are the kids who will act out the most and the ones we will exhaust ourselves trying to "reach". http://www.nytimes.com/2012/02/13/op...-struggle.html
* Most students who are actually "diagnosed" as dyslexic and/or dysgraphic are relegated to Special Ed - where their reading skills rarely improve.... http://www.mtsu.edu/dyslexia/areasof...itionpaper.php

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