“Moneyball” for Schools? I Don’t Think So.

by James Harvey

Educators and analysts excited about the possibilities of using data analytics to evaluate schooling need to take a deep breath and calm down. Despite the apparent success of analytics, such as the specialized analysis of baseball that was used in the movie Moneyball, it’s not clear the approach can be transferred to other sports, much less classrooms.

Changing the Way We Look at Change: Change the Frame, Change the Game

By Veronica McDermott and Yvette Jackson

Educators tingle from head to toe when learners leave the lesson saying, “Well, you really gave me a lot to think about,” or “I never thought about ________ like this,” or “I wish I had known this years ago. I can’t wait to try _____!” Changing the way people look at things is the heart of learning and the start of changing the way people do things. The two go together: change the frame and you change the game.

Frames of Reference

Leading With Vision: Taking the Common Core State Standards to Routine Practice in Schools and Classrooms

Successful implementation of the Common Core State Standards (and by successful, I mean implementation that results in the acquisition of meaningful 21st century knowledge, skills, and habits of mind by all students) entails more than simply acquiring a general awareness of the standards and keeping them in mind when planning, delivering, and assessing instruction. Successful implementation involves a systemic rethinking, restructuring, and retooling of everything that affects students, from the culture of the school to the daily teacher and student behaviors exhibited in classrooms.